Refund and Returns Policy

Not happy with your purchase? That’s a shame – for us, and we apologize. Please see below which return and refund policies apply, and we will do our best to send some happiness your way!

Spreadshirt Print-on-Demand Shop

This is How You Can Help to Reduce Returns to Protect the Environment

  1. Order a Single Item Before Ordering the Same Item in Bulk

    If you plan to order the same item with the same print in bulk, order a single item first. If you are happy with it, order the rest. If not, you only need to return this one item and you've helped to save our planet's resources.

  2. Immediately Check Your Order Confirmation

    If you accidentally ordered the wrong product, the wrong print or the wrong size, you can cancel your order yourself right away before Spreadshirt begins printing. You can then edit and modify your order and place it again.

  3. Place Your Order with a Large Enough Time Buffer

    Spreadshirt is fast, but sometimes, life happens - there might be a problem with a graphic file or a product might be out of stock. If you order something for a birthday, anniversary or another time-specific occasion, please order way in advance. If in doubt, check out Spreadshirt's express shipping options, but please note that they are not available for all parts of the world.