Our Values and Philosophy

Values are born from our core beliefs about the world and everything in it. They reflect who we are, so to have a solid set of values, you first need to find out this exact thing: Who are you? What matters to you? And why does it matter to you? Is it really important to you, or is it just something society made you think you should value because this is “how it is done” in our world? We have done some intense soul-searching, questioned everything we believe in (or by now no longer believe in) and have put it together as our manifest on how we want to interact with you and how we want to treat everyone and everything on this planet.

What We Believe About The Universe, Everything in It, and Ourselves

We All Are One

Separation is an illusion. Everything in the universe is made of the same fabric, permeated by the same source energy. When we look at another person, we look at a reflection of ourselves. We are individual expressions of source energy and everybody is unique, yet we are all part of the same universal mind, and we all are connected to each other.

The Golden Rule is not Negotiable

We strongly believe that the Golden Rule must be the basis of all actions done and of all words spoken: Treat others as you would like others to treat you, and in return do not treat others in ways you would not like to be treated by them. As we are all one and every one of us is just another expression of source energy, whatever we wish or do to others, we also wish and do to ourselves.

Science and Spirituality are Two Sides of the Same Coin

We don’t believe in religion because religion causes separation, but we believe that spirituality and science go hand in hand. Many of the concepts laid out in the 7 Hermetic Principles correspond to scientific discoveries in particle and quantum physics. Both science and spirituality can open doors to living a better life. Embracing both can enrich our lives immensely.

Every Single Person has Infinite Potential

Society, family, friends and teachers often make us believe that we can’t be who we want to be or achieve our dreams in life because “we aren’t good enough” or “our brain is not wired for this”. These are false beliefs that we adopt into our own belief systems. They don’t help us but limit us in becoming who we truly are. Everybody can achieve anything, it all depends on the right mindset and the commitment to your dream.

Everybody has the Right to Follow His or Her Dreams

Sometimes it is limiting beliefs, and sometimes it is a feeling of guilt towards others that stops us from following our dreams. We believe that everybody has the right to pursue their dreams as long as they don’t violate the Golden Rule.

Happiness is the Natural State of Mind

Many people are stressed out and depressed in our modern society because our collective focus has shifted away from living fulfilling lives. Productivity and making money is what is valued today, but this is not a sustainable way of living. Happiness, not stress, is the natural state our minds should be in, and everybody has a right to be happy. We believe that society has to realize that another shift has to happen, a shift that directs us back to what is important: Relationships, happiness and a connection to nature.

Your Passion Should be Your Work, not Your Work Your Passion

Another symptom of our modern lives is that we don’t have enough time to find out where our true passions lie. Only when we find out what we are passionate about we can choose a career path that opens up our full potential, and only with all of our potential fully unlocked we can give the most back to others and be of service to our community.

We Are Connected to Nature on a Fundamental Level

Over the last few thousands of years, we have built up our economy and refined our culture, but we have, step by step, lost our connection to nature. We have to find this connection again to be whole again. Through nature, we find our connection to the universe and, as a consequence, our true selves.

How We Want to Act and Interact With You

Responsibility for the Environment and Raising Awareness for Protecting Mother Earth

Planet Earth is our home and the mother of all life. We have to protect her and treat her and all life with respect. Protecting the environment and preserving it for future generations of humans and other animals is very important to us. We do our share, but we know we can do better. Our goal is to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible and to encourage as many people as possible to try the same.

Awareness and Education

In our economy-driven society, we have lost the ability to recognize what is good for us and what harms us. We don’t take enough time to see, hear, touch, smell, taste and explore the small things in life. Helping you to find back to your roots makes us happy.

Motivation and Transformation

Another phenomenon of today’s world is how disillusioned a lot of people have become, both about the world and themselves. They forgot how much potential they have. We want to remind you of how great you are, of what you can achieve and offer you ideas and tools to transform your life into the life that you want to live, not what society expects you to.

Problem Solving

Many problems are problems we have created in our mind, or at least there is always a way to dissolve a problem once you learn how to control your thoughts, switch your angle and look at things differently. This is how we try to tackle problems that come our way, and we hope to give you enough inspiration to do the same. We have also learned that sometimes, you simply have to ask for help when you get stuck. This isn’t a sign of weakness but a sign of strength. Inviting others to share their insights and offer a new perspective on something can sometimes make the difference. After all, nobody is perfect and nobody knows everything. Everybody has different strengths and areas of expertise, and problems are much more easily solved together sometimes.

Passion and Action

There are three types of people: People who want things to happen, people who watch things happen and people who make things happen. Conviction and passion can be a really powerful cause for someone to be the change they want to see in the world. Our passion is busting the myth that we have to be a slave to the economy, a slave to society, or even a slave to our own mind. Everybody has the right to live a free, self-determined life and follow their dreams. Society needs a shift in another direction, away from valuing productivity over the well-being of its individuals. We hope to connect to kindred spirits and to change something for the better in this world.


Empathy is often overlooked in our modern society in favour of productivity and saving time. We hope to not fall into the “sorry, I don’t have time now” trap ourselves when we talk to someone, but to find a connection with that person, some common ground to build upon.